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Kemitraan Partnership Job Vacancy: Deputy Cluster Manager – SIAP IFM, Pelalawan & Ogan Komering Ilir

Semakin hari akan semakin banyak calon tenaga kerja di Indonesia. Calon tenaga kerja ini, sebagian sudah mendapatkan pekerjaan dan sebagian lagi berjuang untuk mendapatkan pekerjaan. Dewasa ini informasi pekerjaan sudah begitu banyak, melainkan tidak bisa dipungkiri bahwa informasi pekerjaan di beberapa platform tidak menyertakan informasi yang valid.

Bilik Karir ini merupakan wadah untuk berbagi lowongan pekerjaan dan informasi lowongan yang bisa dipercaya. Bilik karir akan berisi informasi lowongan kerja di NGO atau Yayasan, pemerintahan, BUMN, swasta, perusahaan, atau jenis karir lainnya. Jangan ragu untuk mendapatkan informasi dari sini. Silahkan apply lowongan ini dan bagikan kepada teman-teman kamu yang saat ini sedang berjuang mendapatkan pekerjaan.

Saya yakin bahwa informasi yang valid akan memberikan pengaruh positif. Semakin banyak orang mendapatkan informasi positif akan semakin banyak juga mendapatkan kesempatan membangun karir. Selamat berjuang dan tetap andalkan Doa sebagai teman berjuangmu. Semangat.


Ini salah satu informasi lowongan buat kamu, semongkoo!!


Kemitraan Partnership Job Vacancy: Deputy Cluster Manager – SIAP IFM, Pelalawan & Ogan Komering Ilir.

Position Information

Job code title: Deputy Cluster Manager – SIAP

Supervisor: Project Manager – SIAP IFM and Senior Technical Advisor SIAP IFM

Organizational Context

To enable and facilitate development of human resource capacity in the Indonesian SIAP Project by establishing and operationalizing fire management Clusters in targeted rural districts in Indonesia. This includes an accelerated programme of training and skills transfer to Cluster members and operational fire management resources. The SIAP project is a ground breaking endeavour whereby SIAP Project partners (Government of Indonesia, UN Environment and Kishugu) have the opportunity to lay the foundations of a fundamental collaboration and IFM mind shift change in Indonesia. The Deputy Cluster Managers will be key in developing local Integrated Fire Management capacity in the Clusters.

Due to the many similarities of environmental, socio-economic and political dynamics in Indonesia, having sound knowledge of the international best practice as manifested in the South African models are paramount. This will be combined with building knowledge on Indonesian regulations and operational realities and combining these for best effect. The skill will be in recognising both the similarities and differences and gently guiding the process onward. It is imperative that the Managers have sound head and heart knowledge of every facet of Integrated Fire Management. There is a need for competent advice on all of the client’s needs, and develop capacity to pass those skills on. Fostering this capacity is critical for developing core and redundancy in skill sets, both operational and strategic, and ultimately ensuring sustainability of the Project.

Kemitraan (Partnership) together with UNEP and Kishugu developed a project plan for the pilot implementation of Cluster-Based Integrated Fire Management in Ogan Komering Ilir Regency (South Sumatera), Pelalawan Regency (Riau) and Pulang Pisau Regency (Central Kalimantan). To oversee and coordinate the project management and implementation in each Cluster, the Project requires 3 position of Deputy Cluster Manager.

Summary of Key Functions:

Coordination of Project-Related Activities

  1. Provide a necessary institutional back up for Project Management Office, in lieu of Project Manager and National Experts (Fire, Finance and Legal).
  2. Contribute to the all reports.
  3. Assisting Project Manager in program planning, desain, implementing and monitoring of the project at the local (provinces/district) level.
  4. Assisting Project Manager in identification, development, and execution of project strategy at the local level.
  5. Reports to Project Manager about the progress of the project implementation.
  6. Develop and maintain project records such as databases, reports and records of decisions.
  7. Keep regular communications and coordinations with Cluster Manager, Deputy Cluster Manager and Project Manager.
  8. Assisting Project Manager to develop communication and outreach product in local level.

Monitoring and Evaluation

  1. In collaboration with Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning unit, elaborates and assures that monitoring is conducted according to the framework.
  2. Assisting Project Manager to assures that the indicators of achievements related to the projects are fulfilled.
  3. Assisting Project Manager to assures that direct project costs are being spent in accordance with the budget.
  4. Prepare and deliver three-monthly progress report to Project Manager.

External Relations

  1. Assisting National Experts and Project Manager in strategic communications with key government officials in the provincial and district level.
  2. National Expert and Project Manager to develop and maintain proactive, positive and professional relationships with key government officials especially BNPB, KLHK, BPBD, Manggala Agni, Forestry Office, Environment Officer and other relevant offices at the local level, including partner organizations, CSOs, and local media;
  3. Maintain responsible media coverage of project events in coordination with Communication team.


  1. Ensures that all projects related administrative tasks are fulfilled (data record, correspondents, support in any events, etc)
  2. Ensure project compliance with Kemitraan’s policies and procedures.

Impact of Results

  1. Deputy Cluster Managers will report to Project Manager SIAP IFM.
  2. Working with Cluster Manager, being trained and mentored to become Cluster Manager, and Cluster Members, operational fire managers of Cluster Members and up to 20 ToT trainers in each Cluster.


Corporate Competencies:

  1. Demonstrates integrity by modeling professional values and ethical standards
  2. Promotes the vision, mission, and strategic goals of the Partnership
  3. Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability

Functional Competencies:

People Skills:

  1. Sets clear performance goals and standards; executes responsibilities accordingly.
  2. Plans, prioritizes, and delivers tasks on time
  3. Participates effectively in a team-based, information-sharing environment, collaborating and cooperating with others.
  4. Attention to derail, methodical, good timeline skills, good report writing.
  5. Able to work as part of a team and without direct daily supervision
  6. Patience and good conflict management skills
  7. People person and good communicator
  8. Humble in character and patient in listening to stakeholders is a must.
  9. Willing to develop a good teamwork with the Partnership staff.

Partnering & Networking:

Seeks and applies knowledge, information, and best practices from within and outside the Partnership.


  1. Plans and produces quality results to meet established goals Innovation & Judgment
  2. Contributes creative, practical ideas and approaches to deal with challenging situations
  3. Strives for quality client-centered services (internal/external) Communication:
  4. Demonstrates effective written and oral communication skills
  5. Demonstrates good negotiations skills

Job Knowledge & Expertise

  1. Executes day-to-day tasks systematically & efficiently
  2. Uses Information Technology effectively as a tool and resource
  3. Is motivated & demonstrates a capacity to pursue personal development & learn
  4. Clear commitment to governance reform.

Recruitment Qualifications


Minimum Senior High School/Tertiary qualification being a degree or diploma in forestry or wild fire related subjects/Equivalent on the job training being able to demonstrate the same technical and behavioral and skills attained by extensive practical experience.

Preferable Bachelor Degree in Forestry or Agriculture.


  1. Minimum 5 years of experience in peatland/environment/climate change project implementation (for Senior High School or diploma in forestry or wild fire related subjects); experience in fire management project would be an advantage.
  2. Minimum of 5 years of experience in managing cooperation with government agencies or private sector.
  3. Minimum 5 years of IFM operational exposure and experience, with 2 years in senior position
  4. Minimum of 2 years in IFM training and mentorship functions
  5. Experiences work with BNPB, BPBD, Manggala Agni, Forestry and Military.
  6. Having deep knowledge on Fire Fighters Handbook, Fire Managers Handbook, Aerial Firefighting Handbook, NIMS / ICS Fire line Handbook, WoF BOPs and SOPs, Wildfire origin and cause – PMS412, Integrated Fire Management, relevant wildfire legislation and regulation (SA or equivalent with Indonesia to be provided) would be advantages.
  7. Experiences in forest and land fire would be a big plus.
  8. Experiences in using Microsoft Office
  9. Experience assisting in report writing, project management and good skill on the use of ICT.
  10. Having good knowledge regarding the current socio-political and economic conditions; forestry issues, landscape approach, forest and land fire; climate change, mitigate impact of fire on the landscape & economy; fire Management/wildfire management; fire-related disaster risk.
  11. Fluency in written and spoken English and Bahasa Indonesia

To apply for this position please submit your CV to here or go to KEMITRAAN’s website: here no later than February 1st, 2021. Please note, only shortlisted candidate will be contacted.

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