Februari 15, 2021

Stakeholders Engagement and Partnerships Consultant (12 months contract) – Partnerships for Forests

Semakin hari akan semakin banyak calon tenaga kerja di Indonesia. Calon tenaga kerja ini, sebagian sudah mendapatkan pekerjaan dan sebagian lagi berjuang untuk mendapatkan pekerjaan. Dewasa ini informasi pekerjaan sudah begitu banyak, melainkan tidak bisa dipungkiri bahwa informasi pekerjaan di beberapa platform tidak menyertakan informasi yang valid.

Bilik Karir ini merupakan wadah untuk berbagi lowongan pekerjaan dan informasi lowongan yang bisa dipercaya. Bilik karir akan berisi informasi lowongan kerja di NGO atau Yayasan, pemerintahan, BUMN, swasta, perusahaan, atau jenis karir lainnya. Jangan ragu untuk mendapatkan informasi dari sini. Silahkan apply lowongan ini dan bagikan kepada teman-teman kamu yang saat ini sedang berjuang mendapatkan pekerjaan.

Saya yakin bahwa informasi yang valid akan memberikan pengaruh positif. Semakin banyak orang mendapatkan informasi positif akan semakin banyak juga mendapatkan kesempatan membangun karir. Selamat berjuang dan tetap andalkan Doa sebagai teman berjuangmu. Semangat.

Ini salah satu informasi lowongan buat kamu, semongkoo!!

Stakeholders Engagement and Partnerships Consultant (12 months contract) – Partnerships for Forests

The Programme

Partnerships for Forests is an incubator, funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, which aims to support the emergence of a new investment model in which the public sector, private sector companies, and wider communities can achieve better returns from sustainable forestry and land use than they are able to from deforestation and land degradation.

The program’s main objective is to support a set of public-private-partnerships (PPPs) and initiatives that demonstrate how the private sector can contribute to a reduction in rates of deforestation and a range of related enabling activities to address the policy environment. Outcomes will include improved and more sustainable prevention of deforestation, reforestation of degraded land, and leverage of private finance.

As part of its Enabling Conditions project in Southeast Asia, P4F partners with local NGOs like KKI Warsi to establish landscape-level Protection Forums. The Forum aims to promote collaboration amongst land managers for effective environmental and social protection, in alignment with the IFC Performance Standards. P4F works with the local partners to create innovative partnerships and transforms a competitive business environment into collaborative and complimentary. The current landscape focus is Bukit Tigapuluh in Jambi, South Sumatra, and exploring expansion to additional landscapes.

Palladium and SYSTEMIQ are the key partners managing the technical assistance and grant-making facility for the programme. For more information, please visit www.partnershipsforforests.com


Specific duties will include supporting the Stakeholders and Partnerships Lead by:

  1. Support the administration and operation of the Protection Forum, including quality review of technical and financial reporting and deliverables submitted by the partners.
  2. Monitor the project’s activities, including ensuring all deliverables and reports are submitted promptly, ensuring regular updates and accuracy in the project, and information system management (SharePoint/Evernote, Wrike, etc.)
  3. Working with P4F’s local partners to continuously identify key stakeholders and maintain engagement with the internal Protection Forum members and relevant external stakeholders; assist the development of a stakeholder and communications plan and strategy.
  4. Support in preparing quality content for Forum discussion and participating in Forum regular meetings (monthly, quarterly, bilateral meetings).
  5. Identify and monitor potential project risks at the landscape, maintain coordination with the Global P4F risk team.
  6. Support the Stakeholders and Partnerships Lead to develop of knowledge product on BTP landscape governance.
  7. Performing any other duties reasonably required by the Stakeholders and Partnerships Lead.
  8. The contract is on a 12-month fixed term basis, with likelihood of extension based on performance and project needs.


  1. University degree in a relevant subject or professional project management or administration experience.
  2. Experience with or interest in the environment, forestry, private sector development, PPPs, and sustainability.
  3. Advanced Microsoft Office user (including but not limited to advanced ability with PowerPoint);
  4. Fluency in English – excellent written and verbal communication skills
  5. Strong organizational skills and careful attention to detail.
  6. Must align with SYSTEMIQ values (creativity, challenge, collaboration, change, and care) and be able to demonstrate how they have lived these values in a professional setting. For more information, please visit www.systemiq.earth


  1. Relevant university degree in sectors relevant to the programme (e.g., environmental studies, agriculture, economics, business management, communication)
  2. Stakeholders and partnerships management qualification.
  3. Communication and IT skills/qualifications.
  4. Experience with UK-funded or other large international development programmes.
  5. Confident working with assertive, analytical, fast-paced colleagues, and working as part of the international team.

To apply 

Please provide your CV and Cover Letter and send them over to wiwik.widyastuti@systemiq.earth deadline 23 February, 2021.


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