Maret 23, 2021


Semakin hari akan semakin banyak calon tenaga kerja di Indonesia. Calon tenaga kerja ini, sebagian sudah mendapatkan pekerjaan dan sebagian lagi berjuang untuk mendapatkan pekerjaan. Dewasa ini informasi pekerjaan sudah begitu banyak, melainkan tidak bisa dipungkiri bahwa informasi pekerjaan di beberapa platform tidak menyertakan informasi yang valid.

Bilik Karir ini merupakan wadah untuk berbagi lowongan pekerjaan dan informasi lowongan yang bisa dipercaya. Bilik karir akan berisi informasi lowongan kerja di NGO atau Yayasan, pemerintahan, BUMN, swasta, perusahaan, atau jenis karir lainnya. Jangan ragu untuk mendapatkan informasi dari sini. Silahkan apply lowongan ini dan bagikan kepada teman-teman kamu yang saat ini sedang berjuang mendapatkan pekerjaan.

Saya yakin bahwa informasi yang valid akan memberikan pengaruh positif. Semakin banyak orang mendapatkan informasi positif akan semakin banyak juga mendapatkan kesempatan membangun karir. Selamat berjuang dan tetap andalkan Doa sebagai teman berjuangmu. Semangat!!!


The Way Seputih Conservation Foundation is a community social organization. YKWS focus on environmental issues. One of the programs developed by YKWS is the Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WASH) sector.

In 2021 YKWS is aiming to improve Water and Sanitation Hygiene in Healthcare Facility (WASH in HCF) through social accountability project located in Bandar Lampung City and Metro City. The main goal of the social accountability project is to encourage the primary health care (community health centers), health offices, and city governments to improve inclusive health services and facilities particularly the WASH services.

Implementing the WASH for HCF program, YKWS uses a participatory approach from all stakeholders to ensure that health care facilities at community Health centers and other health care facilities have a safe and accessible water supply; clean and safe sanitation facilities; hand hygiene facilities in treatment areas and in toilets; and a proper sewage system. And can be accessed by persons with disabilities, the elderly and children, and other vulnerable groups.

Currently, YKWS is looking for several professionals to help run the Water and Sanitation Hygiene in Healthcare Facility (WASH for HCF) program in Lampung Province, with the following positions:

WASH Officer (WO)

MEAL Officer (MO)

Finance (F)

WASH Facilitators for the Bandar Lampung Region (FBL)

WASH Facilitators for Metro Area (FM)

Position Overview:

The WASH Officer is responsible for ensuring the successful implementation and supervision of WASH in HCF facility provision interventions in the target areas, supporting staff development and community capacity building in water supply and sanitation operations, maintenance and management, participating in WASH for HCF resource mobilization, and ensuring implementation done in close collaboration with program staff, local communities, communities, local government, and others.

Monitoring Evaluation Accountability Learning (MEAL) Officer is responsible for Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning activities and contributes to the overall quality of the WASH for the HCF program through coordination and implementation of enhanced monitoring and evaluation, accountability, and learning strategies.

Finance is responsible for managing funds in such a way and recording financial transactions in accordance with program management procedures and financial procedures, into the financial administration system, and identifying and overcoming any obstacles in processing.

WASH facilitators are responsible for approaching and mentoring the community as the implementation of the WASH for HCF program and becoming a point of contact between YKWS and the community, community health centers and city governments, and related stakeholders

Roles and Responsibilities:

WASH Officer Duties:

  1. Develop a detailed plan for the implementation of the WASH for the HCF program
  2. Conduct intensive communication to stakeholders on any important issues that may affect program implementation.
  3. Supervise and be responsible for all technical aspects for program implementation, ensuring that facilitators complete work in a timely and efficient manner.
  4. Coordinate with facilitators and other teams, update detailed needs and resource assessments and revise the design of the technical plans as needed, taking into account practical aspects of implementation, long-term sustainable solutions, and relevant technical specifications and guidelines.
  5. Facilitating and maintaining good professional relations between government, society, and other stakeholders.
  6. Actively participate in the preparation of the WASH for HCF strategy and program operational plans
  7. Maintain regular contact with relevant stakeholders.
  8. Maintain an effective communication pattern and internal coordination of the program team.
  9. Compile and develop weekly, monthly plans, and written comprehensive records of technical work performed in the program including site visits and work progress reporting.
  10. Ensure that collection and reporting are carried out in a systematic, correct, and timely manner with quality information.
  11. Preparing activity reports, monthly reports, quarterly reports, progress reports, and annual reports along with their attachments in a timely and quality manner, and submitting them to donors according to agreed standards.
  12. Regularly report the implementation of activities, while maintaining accurate records of all relevant performance indicators.

MEAL Officer Duties:

  1. Analyze technical information from multiple sources for technical issues to support program teams in achieving technical excellence in ongoing MEAL programs/projects.
  2. Support the development of effective data collection tools for routine monitoring, program databases, and reporting formats for existing and new programs.
  3. Support the use of information and communication technology (ICT) for MEAL projects, as needed.
  4. Prepare appropriate, high-quality orientation and training for field staff and partners on the program’s MEAL systems and tools, as needed.
  5. Conduct regular program monitoring visits.
  6. Use qualitative and quantitative methods to collect data in the field and assist the facilitator to do this.
  7. Analyze trends in monitoring data in a timely manner to support program reporting and decision making.
  8. Support the implementation of data quality control to ensure program data integrity.
  9. Assist in reviewing and/or developing program reports, with program baseline studies, mid-term and final evaluations, as needed.
  10. Prepare documentation of the project and learning process.


  1. Assist the program team in making activity budget plans.
  2. Review and verify budgets for each program activity.
  3. Record financial transactions in accordance with YKWS program management procedures and financial procedures, into the financial administration system and identifying and overcoming any obstacles in processing
  4. Monitor whether all financial transactions are carried out in accordance with donor authorizations and procedures, especially procurement regulations.
  5. Follow up program-related receipts and payments, reconcile bank balances, prepare financial transactions and manage program liquidity levels, based on the institution’s accounting procedure guidelines and internal control framework.
  6. Review and check the data, time, and costs recorded for the program in accordance with program management and financial procedures, checking periodically (weekly and monthly) and correcting errors if necessary.
  7. Support the program team in timely, complete, and correct financial donor reporting and in preparing revised budgets for donors in accordance with donor guidelines and in accordance with project management and financial procedures.
  8. Compile and recapitulate financial reports for activities, monthly, and year-end reports in accordance with financial management guidelines.
  9. Documenting and archiving relevant documentation, keeping files complete and up to date and maintaining the quality and accessibility of archives and files, adjusting administrative procedures and filing procedures.

Facilitators Duties:

  1. Carry out community and community assistance in accordance with the work plan of the WASH for HCF program
  2. Facilitate society and communities in group activities.
  3. Organize society and communities in carrying out group activities.
  4. Utilize local resources and skills by assisting groups in recognizing and exploiting the local potential.
  5. Prepare activities to be carried out in the WASH for HCF program location
  6. Make activity reports, monthly reports, quarterly reports, and annual reports along with attachments and are willing to stay in the assisted area

Requirements and Qualifications

WASH Officer Qualifications:

  1. Master or bachelor degree Civil Engineering / Environment / Water / Public Health or related fields.
  2. Have a minimum of 3 years work experience in the field of WASH (2 years in the field of WASH in HCF) for S2 graduates
  3. Have a minimum of 5 years work experience in the field of WASH (3 years in the field of WASH in HCF) for undergraduate graduates
  4. Know the basic concepts of water, sanitation, and clean living in health facilities
  5. Able to be target-oriented and have the ability to work in teams or work independently, be able to achieve targets.
  6. Have leadership skills and motivation to help team members.
  7. Having organizational skills, good communication orally and in writing.
  8. Able to operate Microsoft Office.
  9. Honest, responsible, creative, innovative, innovative, and professional.
  10. Able to travel regularly to the offices of financial institutions and operational areas.
  11. Have good communication skills in Indonesian and active English.

MEAL Officer Qualifications:

  1. Master or bachelor degree,  preferably from social science, development studies, agriculture, nutrition, statistics or related fields, a master’s degree is an added value.
  2. Have a minimum of 3 years of similar work experience.
  3. Can work independently in limited supervision/facilities in the area.
  4. Has strong experience in monitoring, evaluation, accountability, and learning, including participatory approaches.
  5. Have good communication skills in Indonesian and active English.
  6. Having the ability to operate Microsoft office and statistical packages (eg SPSS, STATA) and familiarity with IT applications to support MEAL and information management is an added advantage.
  7. Excellent relationship management skills with the ability to work collaboratively as part of a multidisciplinary and multicultural team.
  8. Having the capacity and skills to think strategically, analytically, in problem solving and systems.
  9. Have good writing skills.
  10. Ability to work under pressure.
  11. Possess strong data collection and research skills and the ability to interpret and analyze data.

FINANCE Officer Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor degree, preferably in accounting or financial management
  2. Have a minimum of 3 years relevant experience in the Financial Administration / Accounting function or similar with detailed knowledge of project contracts and project accounting.
  3. Have knowledge of project proposal budget, translation into relevant project documents according to project management procedures, all donor requirements, reporting date & format, and YKWS internal reporting requirements.
  4. Have good communication skills in Indonesian and active English.
  5. Have good computer skills (Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, Ms. Power Point, Internet, and Outlook)
  6. Having knowledge/experience in SAP is a plus.
  7. Having knowledge/experience in the field of taxation is a plus.
  8. Have strong interpersonal skills.
  9. Able to maintain good relations with donors and the project team.
  10. Have good negotiation and coordination skills.
  11. Able to be self-motivated and organized.
  12. Able to work independently and with a team.
  13. Willing to work with a flexible schedule.
  14. Take initiative and be creative in solving problems.

Facilitators Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor degree, preferably from environmental health science, public health, or an appropriate educational background.
  2. Have at least 3 years of experience in community assistance in the WASH and STBM fields.
  3. Can work independently in limited supervision/facilities in the area.
  4. Have experience working in teams with various people, excellent interpersonal skills, and experience in community facilitation, training, and work organization.
  5. Have good communication skills in Indonesian and active English.
  6. Have a laptop and can operate Microsoft office programs.
  7. Have their own vehicle.
  8. Domiciled in Lampung Province.

How to submit a job application:

To submit an application, please send an application email accompanied by the position of interest by attaching the CV (includes relevant working experience) and the expected incentives to ykws_lpg@yahoo.co.id,  ykwsofficial@gmail.com starting from the announcement of this vacancy to March 26, 2021.

Only applicants who meet the criteria will be contacted for the next recruitment process.


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