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Yayasan Alam Sehat Lestari Job Vacancy: Human Resource Manager, West Kalimantan


ASRI works to conserve the biodiversity of tropical rainforests by meeting the health and economic needs of surrounding communities. Since 2007, ASRI has worked near Gunung Palung National Park (GPNP), a 108,000-hectare rain forest in western Borneo that serves as home to 5-10% of the world’s remaining orangutans and a watershed for 60,000 people. The ASRI Clinic discounted health care to local communities in exchange for commitments to forest conservation. ASRI is a world-renowned organization that has been recognized with multiple awards globally and within Indonesia including the Kalpataru Award. Our integrated work with human health and conservation has brought about a dramatic decline in logging. In 2018, ASRI expanded to a second site: Bukit Baka Bukit Raya National Park (BBBRNP), a 181,090-hectare rainforest in central Borneo, critical for orangutan reintroduction. ASRI’s Planetary Health model will soon be replicated by its US-based sister organization, Health in Harmony, in Madagascar and Brazil.

Job Title: Human Resource Manager

Direct Manager: Human Resources Director

Functional Manager: Director of ASRI Kalimantan

Supervises: Human Resources Staff

Timeline: Position will ideally start May/June 2023

Main Purpose

Is responsible for setting up and implementing Human Resources policies at ASRI, managing around 100 employees.



  1. In close coordination with the Director ASRI Kalimantan, calculate the HR operational needs and the associated budget in order to efficiently ensure the required sizing and capabilities of the project and to facilitate budget following-up.
  2. Advise Director ASRI Kalimantan on setting up (org chart), update the project’s organizational chart and job descriptions
  3. Ensures all HR reporting.
  4. Create and establish all HR department work SOPs within the project.

Organizing Employee Recruitment and contract management

  1. Ensure hiring on the project level, starting from posting vacancies, administrative preparation, selection process, tests, onboarding, and signing of work contracts.
  2. Carry out amendments and contract termination formalities for employees at the project level, according to local labor laws, archiving and updating individual employee files, informing them of their rights, and preparing all mandatory tax declarations, in order to ensure legal compliance.
  3. Plan and supervise, the associated processes (recruitment, training/induction, evaluation, potential detection, development, and communication) of the staff under his/her responsibility in order to ensure the team sizing.

Training and Development

  1. Plan the training and development system needed in each department. Collaborate with department managers in identifying training and development needs.
  2. Support the project department managers in properly evaluating people’s performance and in the potential identification of staff development needs, in order to improve people’s capabilities and their contribution to project goals.

Compensation and Benefits

  1. Calculate and pay employee salaries every month.
  2. Ensure the indexation process of the staff salary grid in order to ensure internal equity, cost-of-living adjustments, and the correct application of employment conditions in the project.
  3. Supervise/perform payroll procedures, ensuring that all data related to monthly salary calculation of national employees of the project are correctly entered in HRIS (days off, unpaid leaves, sick leaves, overtime, salary advance, etc.), in order to ensure on-time and accurate salary payments.
  4. Calculate, deduct, and report income tax every month.

HR Data Administration

  1. Responsible for managing HR administrative data in an orderly and secure manner.
  2. Assist the ASRI Kalimantan Director, and/or department managers to draw up annual holiday planning and staff shifts in order to forecast HR needs and to ensure HR availability for the project activities.
  3. In close collaboration with the ASRI Kalimantan Director applies the part on administrative/HR procedures of any Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in force between local partners, donors, and ASRI.
  4. Ensures all staff in the Project (National, International, Regional, visits, etc.) is properly briefed and/or inducted with ASRI policies, regulations, cultures, etc.

Employee Evaluations

  1. Together with department managers make plans for evaluating employee performance both routinely and periodically as part of development needs.
  2. Accommodate employee aspirations, manage, and provide the necessary solutions.
  3. Provide support to department managers in case of conflict, abuse/harassment claims, or disciplinary issues.
  4. Other
  5. Attend Management Meetings.
  6. Together with the ASRI Kalimantan Director, support the department managers in implementing the internal communication policies in order to boost staff active participation and commitment to ASRI.
  7. In close collaboration with ASRI Kalimantan Director, looks for the best options to avoid and/or solve possible labor conflicts/industrial disputes in the project.
  8. Responsible for all movements and/or accommodation of visitors in the Kalimantan project.


  1. Lunch on working days
  2. BPJS Kesehatan dan Ketenagakerjaan
  3. Transportation Ticket when is coming and finish contract
  4. Housing for the single-person
  5. bike

Job Requirements

  1. Education: Degree in HR, public administration, the management or related studies. Master Degree is preferred
  2. Experience: Working experience of at least five years in a human resources role
  3. Language: Bahasa Indonesia, English.
  4. Personal Traits
  5. Willing to make 2 years commitment
  6. Not smoking
  7. Detail-oriented and highly organized while managing strategic, long-term goals
  8. Strong initiative
  9. Awareness and skills to create an equitable and inclusive work environment
  10. Competencies
  11. People Management.
  12. Commitment.
  13. Flexibility.
  14. Results.
  15. Teamwork.


Please send a cover letter, motivation letter, and resume/CV to both: hrd@alamsehatlestari.organd febri@alamsehatlestari.org by June 15th, 2023. Please use the HR Manager Candidate in the subject line. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to contact all applicants, but we will contact you soon if you are chosen for an interview.


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