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The Coalition for Sustainable Livelihoods (CSL) is an independent place-based platform consisting of a collective group of stakeholders (government, private sector, academics, NGOs, CBOs) from across sectors dedicated to working collaboratively to achieve positive benefits for livelihoods, sustainable production, and conservation in Aceh and North Sumatra. This multi-stakeholder platform focuses work at both the policy and landscape level, emphasizing collaboration and collective action to drive alignment and scale impact through improving smallholder productivity, natural resource management, and government engagement and ownership.

 Currently, there are several gaps identified in stakeholders’ perceptions and expectations of CSL. These gaps, along with the absence of a detailed communications plan for CSL create a barrier in achieving a shared vision among stakeholders.  As CSL transitions to a locally managed initiative in Indonesia, it is crucial to develop a comprehensive communications strategy, identifying needed communications activities as well as a stakeholder engagement plan to align with the CSL’s objectives.


Conservation International is seeking a Communications Consultant (institutional, agency, or a team) to develops the CSL Communications Strategy and Stakeholders Engagement Plan that is aligned with

the CSL objectives to achieve positive benefits for sustainable development in North Sumatra and Aceh. The communications strategy and stakeholders’ engagement plan aim to improve stakeholders

general understanding of and engagement in the CSL through an effective strategy which includes recommended activities and guidance in: 

• Executing communications activities and production of communications materials

• Strengthening the CSL branding (short and long-term)

• Executing the CSL stakeholders' engagement

The consultant will also conduct basic assessments to inform the communications strategy, such as: stakeholders mapping and analysis, needs assessment, stakeholders’ perception and expectation, and identification of barriers and benefits related to the CSL objectives from key stakeholders’ perspectives. Based on these activities and assessments, the consultant will provide recommendations for the CSL communications strategy, master narrative, and stakeholders engagement plan to strengthen the CSL workplan. 


Objective 1. Stakeholders Analysis

Conduct study/analysis through online (offline – depends on COVID situation) Focus Group Discussion (FGD)/interview/discussions with internal and external stakeholders (Government, private sector, donors, NGOs) at various levels, including district (Aceh Tamiang and South Tapanuli), provincial (North Sumatra and Aceh Provinces), national, and international, as a reference in formulating the CSL stakeholders’ engagement plan and the CSL Communications Strategy, including: 

  • Stakeholder mapping to identify the primary (key) and secondary target audiences for the CSL based on their roles and interests,
  • Assessment of stakeholder perceptions to identify gaps in their general understanding about the platform, vision, mission, and roles
  • Assessment of stakeholder expectations to get insights and recommendations on the CSL communications plan (short term and long term)
  • Identification of barriers and benefits from stakeholders’ perspective on:(1) the opportunity to improve regulation and law enforcement (2) creating alignment on sustainable landscape and livelihoods initiativee (3) facilitating collaboration and sustainable investments in the landscape  


  1. Final reports of the analysis/study as the reference in formulating the CSL engagement plan and Communications Strategy. The reports will include report of stakeholder mapping and analysis: mapping, summary of stakeholders’ perceptions and expectations, and identification of barriers and benefits
  2. Recommendation for the CSL operations and strategy based on the stakeholders’ analysi

Objective 2. The CSL Stakeholders Engagement Plan and Communications Strategy 

Conduct a virtual workshop formulating the CSL stakeholders’ engagement plan based on the initial assessment (stakeholders mapping and gap analysis),

  • Provide recommendation on the CSL communications strategy and approach based on the
  • stakeholders’ analysis,
  • Conduct a virtual workshop (hybrid workshop – depends on COVID situation) with key stakeholders to inform:

1.      The CSL Master Narrative

Identification of strategic communications activities/materials to support the  stakeholders’ engagement plan (mainly focus for the transition period)


  • The CSL stakeholder engagement plan: short term engagement plan during the transition period and long-term engagement plan
  • The CSL Communications Strategy and Approach with:  The CSL Master Narrative

Recommendation of strategic communications activities/materials to support  stakeholder’s engagement plan as part of the CSL Workplan


3 rd  week of February 2021 – 3  week of May 2021



The budget estimation for this external service is up to IDR 145,000,000 (including VAT 10% and other

necessary costs). Additional budget will be allocated for field work when necessary and condition allows for travelling with safety and health protocol.


The consultant can be an institutional, agency, or a team of 3-5 individual consultants with one lead

consultant and member(s). The consultant will work in close collaboration with the CSL Steering

Committee/the CSL advisor and be responsible for the work completed and all resulting deliverables.

The consultant will be selected following a competitive recruitment process.

The team lead should have extensive experience at the senior level and have good experience in supporting the national / sub-national governments in planning and implementing initiatives related to climate change/ sustainable landscapes/ related area(s), especially organizing collaboration and coordinating meetings with varying audiences, with required qualifications as below

  • Education background in Communications/Public Policy/Development Policy/Sustainable Development /Public Administration/ any other related field(s),
  • Language Skills: fluency in written and spoken English and Bahasa is mandatory,
  • The consultant team member profile:  the relevant experience of planning and implementing a multi-stakeholder platform/ coalition, especially in Indonesia is an advantage,
  • Proven experience of developing and/ or strengthening communications strategies,
  • Excellent knowledge in stakeholder engagement, mapping, and planning,
  • Proven experience of engaging and working with multi-stakeholder and multi-sectoral working  groups in national and/or sub-national settings,
  • Excellent analytical and communication skills,
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver quality results within strict deadlines,
  • Experience of working in a multi-cultural environment is an aset.


  • 12 January 2021: Publish the Request for Quotation and Terms of Reference.
  • 22 January 2021: Deadline to submit credential from consultants/agency indicating interests to  participate in the bidding process.
  • 25 January 2021: Initial briefing to all interested consultants/agency
  • 1 February 2021: Deadline for proposal submission and other required documents
  • 5 February 2021: Presentation and interview with shortlisted consultants/agency
  • 11 February 2021: Appointment of the selected consultant/agency
  • 3rd week of February – 3 week of May 2021: Period of works of selected consultant/agency (including submission of final report with completed documentation)


  • Technical proposal (50%) which includes proposed methodology/approach, assessment tools, workplan, and timeline.  
  • Portfolio and qualification of the team members (25%)
  • Proposed budget (25%)


The payment will be made after submission of each delivery with the following schedule:

  • Percentage Required deliverables
  • 15% After the signed contract and submission of the final proposal with detailed workplan  and timeline
  • 15% Final reports of the analysis/study as the reference in formulating the CSL  engagement plan and Communications Strategy
  • 20% Recommendation for the CSL operations and strategy
  • 20% The CSL stakeholder engagement plan: short term engagement plan during the  transition period and long-term engagement plan
  • 25% The CSL Communications Strategy and Approach
  • 5% Final report with completed documentation


Interested consultants are invited to submit their credential by email to fhasibuan@conservation.org,

nmeilinda@conservation.org, madi@conservation.org, and htambunan@conservation.org by Friday,

22 January 2021 at 15.00 WIB the latest. Please put “THE CSL COMMUNICATIONS STATEGY AND STAKEHOLDERS ANALYSIS” in the email’s subject line.

Conservation International will invite all consultants to attend an initial briefing on Monday, 25 January

2021 at 13.00 – 14.00 WIB via ZOOM to introduce about the CSL and provide further information as

the reference in developing the technical proposal as required in the selection process.

Following up the initial briefing, interested consultants will be required to submit the below documents by Monday, 1 February 2021 at 17.00 WIB. The shortlisted consultants will be invited for presentation as the next steps in the selection process.  Credential and sample portfolio of the agency/institutions, with up-to-date curriculum vitae of all the proposed team members

Technical proposal: maximum of five pages (A4) describing the consultant understanding of the task, proposed methodology, roles and responsibilities of each team member, and detailed work plan with breakdown of activities and deliverables according to the timeline. The finaldesign of research methodology and consultant’s workplan with timeline will be finalized with

Conservation International

Proposed budget with detailed breakdown of estimated budget required for each deliverable (as indicated in the RFQ) including idea and proposed methodology with detailed workplan, final report of the analysis, recommendation for the CSL operations and strategy, the CSL stakeholder engagement plan, and the CSL communications strategy and approach. Please include detailed calculation on required components for each deliverable such as rate for personnel, communications cost (such as for online meetings), travel cost, etc.   For the travel cost (if any), please provide suggested number of trips/days within the country. All the travel expenses will be reimbursed by Conservation International as actual costs according to the supporting documents/receipts.


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